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Our Offering to All

We Share
Our Love
Our Sacred Space
Our Hearts

We Welcome
All who thirst
All who hunger
For a deeper Relationship with the Divine

We Practice
Radical Kindness

Come as you are,
Just Come
For one service
or a lifetime.
We offer a Home
For Your Heart

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Temenos Spiritual Center and Church

Temenos welcomes all who seek spiritual nourishment. We honor all paths and encourage inquiry in the Swedenborgian Tradition.

Our Services and Schedule

We have various forms of contemplation and meditation throughout each month. Our Sunday Service incorporates engaging song, prayer, meditation, and contemplation. We seek to bring the ancient sacred wisdom forward into contemporary tools for daily living. Sunday services are diverse and exploratory. Creative thought, prayer, music, discussions, along with scripture, and wisdom from ancient traditions are often incorporated into our service. We offer practical tools for spiritual growth and daily living.

Sunday Celebration Services are at 10:00 am, usually in the Farm House although we meet at the Retreat House for special services during the year. First and third Sundays services are followed by a community potluck.

Upcoming Sunday Services

Sunday Service
December 17th – 10:00 am at the Retreat
3rd Sunday in Advent ~ Shepherds: 3rd Candle
"He Shall Feed His Flock"
Christmas potluck to follow

Sunday Service – Christmas Eve
December 24th – 3:00 pm at the Retreat
And the Angels sang 'Gloria' ~ A Service of Angels and Song
A Meditative Service with Song
Carol singing starts at 3:15 pm, Service at 3:30 pm

Sunday Service
December 31st – 10:00 am at the Retreat
"Auld Lange Syne"
Fire Ceremony ~ Burning the Old and Welcoming the New

What is a Swedenborgian Church?

No, we are not a Swedish church. We are a progressive, inclusive Christian community inspired by the writings of the eighteenth-century scientist and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772). We explore and honor all the ancient wisdom teachings.

Emmanuel Swedenborg was a Christian mystic living in the 18th century, who encouraged deeper study of the Bible in an illuminated manner. Swedenborg spent the first half of his career as a scientist and engineer. His interests ranged from the highly theoretical, such as the origin of the solar system, to the most practical, such as improvements in iron smelting and mining safety. In his mid-fifties he experienced a remarkable spiritual breakthrough and devoted the rest of his long career to writing on the spiritual underpinnings of reality, the nature of the afterlife, the inner spiritual sense of the scriptures, and the soul’s journey back to God.

A New Era in the Spiritual Life of Humanity

Swedenborg prophesized the dawn of a new period in the religious history of humanity in which people from around the world would reawaken to the inner spiritual depths of their own traditions and come together in peace and harmony. We practice an inclusive Christianity and are open to learning from the insights of all spiritual paths.

Who We Are

Temenos welcomes you as you are and affirms your journey. We welcome people all backgrounds who seek personal and spiritual growth in an extended family atmosphere.

We support the full participation of everyone, and families of all kinds – interfaith, single parent, LGBT, and seekers exploring their spiritual heritage.

We are a community dedicated to nurturing the dignity and uniqueness of all people and paths. Our community nestles in this “Place of Heart” surrounded by inspired landscape. We give thanks and listen as the God of Divine Wisdom and Love unfolds in our lives. We carry out this wisdom and love in acts of service and kindness.

Temenos Pastor

Interfaith Minister Rev. Christine Campbell began her journey at Temenos as the Music Minister in October of 2009, often serving as Minister when needed. She became the permanent Pastor in August of 2011. Christine brings to Temenos a deep love of people, compassionate peace activism, and a long history of service in diverse churches and traditions. Buddhism, various Native American, Yogic traditions, Taoism have all influenced her life. She blends these together to foster spiritual inquiry, growth and community. Christine is an Ordained Interfaith Minister and a Licensed Swedenborgian Pastor. She continues her studies at the Center for Swedenborgian Studies of Graduate Theological Seminary at Berkeley, California.

Temenos in the spring