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Live Remote Services

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Events, Classes and Workshops

Please note:

No in-person events or services are scheduled at this time.

Please check below for virtual services.


Sunday Service
Sunday, May 31st | "Alchemy"
Rev. Christine Campbell

Join us on the Temenos Retreat and Sanctuary Facebook page LIVE at 9:00 am (you can watch anytime)

The Temenos main Facebook page is here:
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Song, Prayer, Meditation, and a Contemplation on "Holy Wind and Fire"

stormAlchemy – Fire, Wind, Water
Pentecost – the Holy Spirit of Transformation

Join us in this liminal space – Where the traditional mingles with the non-traditional In the ageless mysticism of love unfolding. We come together in gratitude, celebration, prayer and song. Gather in a community which embraces a Global Evolving Consciousness and Spirituality.

Click here for this week's Sunday Service PDF.
Click here for this week's Songs PDF.

Services will be recorded as an audio file and will be available shortly after at SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/897737082


Prayers for a Peaceful Night's Sleep 

flowerShort evening prayers for a peaceful sleep set to music, and are posted each Tuesday Evening.
You can find them on:


Peace Be With You


In the Event of Questionable Weather

Please call our retreat phone: 610-696-8145 before you start the drive here.

You can also check our Facebook page where we will post any cancellations by one hour prior to the event.

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