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Important Information

All services are offered virtually, plus we now have room for 10 people (not including helpers) during the service.

Sunday Services begin at 10:00 am.
People will be admitted between 9:45 and 9:55 only if they have registered.

Evensong Services begin at 7:00 pm.
People will be admitted between 6:45 and 6:55 only if they have registered.

What spots we have open are offered through EventBrite on the Thursday before Service.

Everyone must have a mask.

We would like to keep people whole and healthy,
as you are all indeed holy and beloved.


Sunday Service
Sunday, August 16th at 10:00 am | Morning Service
Rev. Christine Campbell

Join us on the Temenos Retreat and Sanctuary Facebook page LIVE at 10:00 am (you can watch anytime)
Temenos Retreat and Sanctuary – Home | Facebook

abstract ecstatic imageThe Ecstatic Soul
This is a virtual event with a few openings for "in person attendance" – We will live stream on our Facebook page at 10:00 am

Come and Nourish Your Heart
Poems, Prayers and Song
Join with the Whole – The Holy between Heaven and Earth
As we come together for a Summer Evensong
Poetry, Prayer and Song
Exploration of the Mystic Journey
Meditation Prayer Poetry Song
Contemplation "Divine Ecstasy"
An evening of deep peace and contemplation
This will be a virtual event as our space is already full.

Here the traditional mingles with the non-traditional in the ageless Mysticism of Love Unfolding. Services are diverse: incorporating hymns, song, meditation, and prayers from various traditions.

Masks are required at all events.
Doors will open at 9:45 am and close at 9:55.
We have some spots to attend in person. Go to our Facebook page and register on Evite under Events.
Sometimes people have decided to watch outside with social distancing, etc., and have a watch party.

Click here for this week's Service PDF.

Services will be recorded as an audio file and will be available shortly after at SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/897737082


Prayers for a Peaceful Night's Sleep 

starry skyShort evening prayers for a peaceful sleep set to music, and are posted each Tuesday Evening.
You can find them on:


Peace Be With You


"Breathing Under Water" book Discussion Group
Wednesday, August 12th
Six Weeks, beginning Wednesday July 15th through August 12th

7:30 to 8:30 pm

"Breathing Under Water" by Richard Rohr

"We are all addicted in some way. When we learn to identify our addiction, embrace our brokenness, and surrender to God, we begin to bring healing to ourselves and our world. In Breathing Under Water, Richard Rohr shows how the gospel principles in the Twelve Steps can free anyone from any addiction – from an obvious dependence on alcohol or drugs to the more common but less visible addiction that we all have to err". We will dscuss two chapters a week, basically, and use the companion journal as a guide to these meetings. Having the journal is not a necessity, but reading the book is.

We will be meeting for six weeks using either Zoom or the Google format. Details will be ironed out before our first meeting.
Open to all.
Attend all sessions or any that you are able to.
If there is enough interest, we will create a forum where you post during the week 
Any questions, please email Christine at: temenosdirector@gmail.com


Morning Drumming for Sanity Returns
Date to be announced.
Led by Christine Campbell

Masks are required at all events.

This will be an outside drum circle at the Retreat, using the ancient rituals of drumming. Bring your body, mind, and spirit into harmony. Living in a world that is often chaos – drumming can help bring is back into the present moment.

Currently limited to nine people. You must register through Eventbrite for a ticket/place on our Facebook event page.
Bring your own drum, rattle, sound maker
Energy exchange: $10.00 cash at the circle – place in the jar
Please note – Quite a few drums are being offered for sale, if anyone is interested. Small and larger Djembes, plus some very nice native drums and a few tars (hand drums). If interested, please request, and pictures will be sent. Send an email to
drumwolfdrum@gmail.com if interested.


Wild Church ~ Nature's Mirror
Saturday, August 22nd– 7:30 to 8:30 am 

Masks are required at all events.

The nature contemplation also known as "Wild Church" meets for a short reading, guided meditation, tree breathing practise and Meets in the Farm House Garden. This is a time for meditations, readings, and receiving Nature’s wisdom.

Currently limited to fourteen people.
You must register through Eventbrite. The link is on our main Facebook page under Events.
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In the Event of Questionable Weather

Please call our retreat phone: 610-696-8145 before you start the drive here.

You can also check our Facebook page where we will post any cancellations by one hour prior to the event.

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